List of Vendor as on 31-12-2014

Sr. No Name Of Registered Vendor Address Vendor Reg.No. Name of Items Registered Approval Letter No.& Date Remarks
1 Jain pole Industries Alwar M-1383p Cross arm,Top hampers,SS structures,Earthing set,H.G/D.O.Fuse sets 0085 dt.05.03.10  
2 Nucon Power Controls P Ltd Ludhiana M-1384p Dist. Transformers 0089 dt 05.03.10  
3 Nandan Steel & Power Ltd Raipur  M-1385 MS Steel    
4 Prime Prodigy International. Baroda M-1386p MMB,AB Switch,D O Fuse,Etc 0391 dt 08.04.10  
5 MAA Electricals Vadodara M-1387p 11 K V D O Fuse,A B Switch Horn Gap Fuse etc 0390 dt 08.04.10  
6 Ekank cable Ltd. Manjusar M-1388 L T PVC& XLPE Cable 0487 dt 16.04.10  
7 Rajputna Cables& Conductors(P) Ltd Korba (C G) M-1389 AAA Conductor up to 100 mm2 0489 dt 16.04.10  
8 Anand Bolts Ludhiana M-1391 Bolts & Nuts 0509 dt 19.04.10  
9 BRG Energy Ltd Hydrabad M-1393 Dist Transformers  up to11 KV/200 KVA 0559 dt 23.04.10  
10 Narmada Transmission P Ltd Bhopal M-1394 AAA Conductor up to 100 mm2 0590 dt 27.04.10  
11 East India Udyog Ltd Gaziabad M-1395 Dist Transformers up to 100 KVA 0647 dt 03.05.10  
12 Servomax India Ltd Hydrabad M-1397 11KV/433V  Dist. Transformers up to 100KVA 0797 dt 24.05.10  
13 Aditya Birla Insulators Halol M-1398 11 KV Silicon Composit Insulators 0798 dt 24.05.10  
14 Radiant Ceramic Morbi M-1399 Insulators 0800 dt 20.05.10  
15 A R Fasteners Derabasi M-1404 Bolts & Nuts 1005 dt 18.06.10  
16 Nucon Switchgears P Ltd Ludhiana M-1405 Dist. Transforms up to 63 KVA,   1082 dt 01.07.10  
17 Jaybee Industries Panchukula M-1405p 11KV/433V  Dist. Transformers up to 100KVA 1006 dt18.06.10  
18 Pushpak Steel Industries P Ltd Pune M-1406 MS Steel 1109 dt 06.07.10  
19 Balbir Rolling Mills Ltd Silvasa M-1407 M S Angle 1286 dt 29.07.10  
20 Prime Ispat Ltd . Raipur  M-1408 M S Channel.Beam.H Beam 1285 dt 29.07.10  
21 Eagle Steel Raigadh M-1409 M S Steel 1318 dt 03.08.10  
22 Shriram Products Jaipur M-1410 REC Fabrication 1356 dt 05.08.10  
23 JSK Ind. Pct. Ltd. Silvassa-Sayli M-1412 AAAC Conductor upto 1583 dt.08.09.10  
24 JSK Ind. Pct. Ltd. Silvassa-Rakhodi M-1413 AAAC Conductor upto 1582 dt.08.09.10  
25 Shashi Cables Ltd Lacknow M-1416 AAA Conductor up to 100 mm2 1132/17.09.10  
26 Chhatisgadh Steel Product Ltd Raipur  M-1417 M S Steel 1134/27.09.10  
27 Electrolites Power P. Ltd. Jaipur M-1418 DO Fuse upto 11KV & AB Switch up to 11KV 1243 dt.12.10.10  
28 Polycab Wires P. Ltd. Daman M-1421 11KV XLPE & PVC/XLPE LT Cable upto 1492 dt.01.11.10  
29 Krishna Electrical Ind. Ltd. Gwaliar M-1421(A) XLPE Power Cable upto, LT Power PVC & XLPE Cable upto 392 dt.18.02.11  
30 Balaji Structrals( Ind). P. Ltd. Raipur  M-1422 MS Flat 50x6mm, MS Round bar 16mm 511 dt.07.03.11  
31 Dhaval Electrals Pvt Ltd Vadodara M-1423 11KV XLPE & PVC/XLPE LT Cable upto 535 dt.09.03.11  
32 Spark Insulators Hyderabad M-1424 11KV Composite Insulator 557 dt.14.03.11  
33 Krishna Plastic Ind. Dhoraji M--1426 Polycarbonate Plastic Seal 878 dt.27.04.11  
34 Phonix Electrical Insu.Mat.Co. Hyderabad M-1427 11KV Composiste Polymer Pin Insulator5KN only &
11KV Composite Polymer Long Rod Disc Insulator 45KN (BNS & T&C)
915 dt.30.04.11  
35 Hindustan Vidyut Pro. P. Ltd. Haryana M-1429 O/H Cond. AAAC , XLPE Power Cable 11KV upto,
XLPE Cable voltage rating 1.1KV Single & Multi Core upto,
PVC Insulated HD Electrical Cable voltage raing upto 1.1KV Part-I IS 1554
910 dt.29.04.11  
36 Yogeshwar Conductor Vadodara M-1430 AAAC Conductor upto 909 dt.29.04.11  
37 Taj Industries Vadodara M-1432PR Kit Kat Fuse upto 200A, LT Panel Board, DO Fuse 11/22KV up to 400A.
HG Fuse 11/22KV, 1-Ph. & 3-Ph. MMB, AC Dist. Box, Control & Relay Panel,
Isolator upto 33KV.
1006 dt.11.05.11  
38 M/S Wallaby Metering systems Pvt Ltd.                  (Now  EDMI India Pvt. Ltd.) Chennai M-1435 HT Meter 0.2s , HT meter 0.5s , LTCT metr, WC Meter class1 1098/20-5-11 Name changed FROM Wallaby to EDMI vide L.No: 2551/dtd 22-8-14
39 Sumesh Engineering P. Ltd. Waghodia M-1436 11KV/10KVA to 200KVA Dist. Transformer & 22KV/63KVA D.T., 100KVA,200KVA DTR 1165 dt.26.05.11  
40 Divesh Steel P Ltd Nagpur M-1436 MS Beam 116x100mm 1735 dt.14.06.11  
41 Anubhav Plast P. Ltd. Kanpur M-1437 Steel Tubler pole Swaged type of range from  1697 dt.14.06.11  
42 Mahamaya Steel India Ltd. Raipur  M-1439 MS Angle Beam , MS Channel etc. 1752 dt.18.06.11  
43 Danke Techno Electro P. Ltd. Waghodia M-1440 11KV/440V DTR upto 200KVA 1782 dt.22.06.11  
44 Varsha Engineering Por M-1441 11KV/10KVA to 500KVA DTR & CTPT Metering set ration upto including 11KV/22KV 1988 dt.02.07.11  
45 Danke Control P. Ltd. Waghodia M-1441PR 11/22KV AB Switch, HG Fuse, DO Fuse 2061 dt.13.07.11  
46 Aditya Birla Insulators Halol M-1442 Disc Insulator B/S EMS 70KN 1972 dt.01.07.11  
47 Shree Hanuman Loha P. Ltd. Raipur  M-1443 MS Angle 65x65x6mm & 50x50x10mm, MS Channel 100x50mm, MS Beam 116x100mm 2035 dt.07.07.11  
48 Low Loss Product P. Ltd. Por M-1446 11KV/22KV CTPT Unit only 2164 dt.25.07.11  
49 UIC Udyog Ltd. Howrah M-1447 GI Wire No. 8 & 10 and GI Stay wire 2163 dt.25.07.11  
50 S.P. Industries Howrah M-1448 All type  of High & Low Tension H/W, 11KV/22KV GI Pin, 11KV Disc H/W, & LT Shackle Bolt 2161 dt.25.07.11  
51 ABB Ltd. Maneja M-1450 1-Ph. DTR 5KVA to 75KVA & 3-Ph. DTR 10KVA to 630KVA 2958 dt.26.08.11  
52 Standard Casting Waghodia M-1452 Cast Iron Earthing Plate 3085 dt.14.09.11  
53 Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd  Savli M-1453 AAAC Cond. , PVC Cable, LT AB Cable & LT XLPE Cable 3079/12.10.11  
54 Bharat Electo Instrument Mfg.Co. Nadiad M-1454PR Polymeric AB Switch & Polymeric DO Fuse 3346 dt.13.10.11  
55 Sri Krishna Expo P. Ltd. Howrah M-1455 GI Pin upto 33KV, LT Pin B&S & T&C H/W fitting HT & LT Stay set,
Earthing pipe & Earthing Rod & CI Plate
56 Chittranjan Ind. Howrah M-1456 11/22KV GI Pin, H/W fitting for Tension upto 22KV & GI Bolts & Nuts    
57 Agni Fibers Boards Ltd. Vadodara M-1457 Telescopic operating rod(Fiberglass) & Telescoping Discharge/Earthing Rod (Fiber) 3289/28.12.11  
58 Aravali Infra Power Ltd. Nadiad M-1458 AAAC Conductor up to 864/14.03.12  
59 Lumino Industires Ltd. Kolkatta M-1459 AAAC Conductor up to 863/14.03.12  
60 Classic Ind. P. Ltd. Vadodara M-1460 Dist. Box 25, 63,100KVA, 11KV DO Fuse, 1-Ph. & 3-Ph. MMB Box & 11KV AB Switch 865/14.03.12  
61 Susmita Electricals Howrah M-1462 11/22KV GI Pin, 11KV Disc H/W, GI LT Shackle Bolts & Nuts, Earthing Bolts & Nuts 1278/18.04.12  
62 Western Electric Company Sakarda M-1463 Dist. Transformer up to 200KVA, 11KV/.433KV 1490/07.05.12  
63 S.K.Iron Industries Howrah M-1464 1KV/22KV GI Pin, 11KV Disc H/W Set, LT Shackle Bolt & Nuts 1981/16.06.12  
64 Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd  Vadodara M-1466 Dist. Transformer up to 500KVA 11KV/.440KV 2056/28.06.12  
65 NJA Industries P. Ltd. Vadodara M-1467 Dist. Transformer for 100KVA 3 Star rating 2324/24.07.12  
66 Jayesh Electricals Por M-1468 Dist. Transformer 11KV upto 500KVA rating & 22KV 63, 100, 200 & 500KVA Rating 3060/29.09.12  
67 Yesha Electricals P. Ltd. Vadodara M-1469 LT Capacitor 1 to 25KVAR-415/440Volts    
68 A.K.Power Industries P. Ltd. Howrah M-1470 GI Pin upto22KV, GI Stay ste up to 22KV, 11KV & 22KV Disc H/w fitting, Hardware for LT Shackle Insulator, GI Stay wire 19.01.2013  
69 ABS Products Waghodia M-1472 11KV DO Fuse Porceline 1449/05.04.13 Name Change FROM ABS to Air Break Switchgear Products Pvt Ltd vide L. No. 3661 / 3-12-14
70 Kritika Wires Pvt. Ltd. Hawrah M-1473 GI Wire, Stay Wire, GSSs earth wire 1447/05.04.13  
71 HCA Engg. Pvt. Ltd. Kolkatta M-1474 AB Switch up to 33KV, DO Fuse up to 33KV,HG Fuse up to 33KV, Strain H/W - LT shackle H/W, GI Pin, Stay set, PG Clamp, Dist. H/W isolators 1450/05.04.13  
72 Sana Electricals Por M-1475 Trans. Repairing  1448/05.04.13  
73 NJA Industries P. Ltd. Manjusar M-1476 16, 25, 63KVA CRGO Transformer 1456/05.04.13  
74 Ami Tech (India) P. Ltd. Baroda M-1477 AMR, RTU, FRTU 1494/08.04.13  
75 Jyoti Ltd. Baroda M-1478 SF6 RMU All size 1495/08.04.13  
76 Jayshree Hardware P. Ltd. Kolkatta M-1479 (1) L.T.Shackle Bolts and Nuts (2) G.I. Earthing Bolts and Nuts (3) 11KV G.I. Pins and 22KV G.I. Pins (4) 11KV Disc Hardware for Rabbit, Raccon and Dog Conductor. 06.04.13  
77 Shree Mata Engineering Por M-1480 11KV DO Fuse Porceline only 1059/16.04.13  
78 Aumni Transmission P. Ltd. Manjusar M-1481      
79 Aumni Transmission P. Ltd. Savli M-1481 11KV GI Pin, 11KV Disc H/w for Rabbit, Racon & Dog, 11KV DO Fuse, 11KV AB Switch  1075 /16.04.13  
80 Magnetic Engineering Vadodara M-1482 10KVA CRGO Trans & Repairing of Trans.    
81 Narayan Powertech P Ltd Vadodara M-1483 11KV Outdoor type combined CTPT metering unit 10/5A. & onwards 1657/25.04.13  
82 Raychem Pvt. Ltd. Kanjari M-1485 Insulation piercing connectors, Dead end Clamp, Suspension clamp 2118/29.05.13  
83 Nirmal Wires Pvt. Ltd. Kolkatta M-1486 GI Wire & Pin SWG Stay wire 7/12 2442/26.06.13  
84 R.K.Wire Product Ltd. Hooghly M-1487 GI Wire up to 5.00mm, GI stay wire 7/2.50mm to 7/4.00mm 2663/11.07.13  
85 Low Loss Product P. Ltd. Por M-1488 5KVA 1-Ph., 16,25,63KVA 3 Star rating Dist. Trans. , 10KVA CRGO 2662/11.07.13  
86 Jayshree Hardware P. Ltd. Kolkatta M-1489 11KV GI Pin, 22KV GI Pin, 11KV Disc H/W for Rabbit only 2785/23.07.13  
87 Laser Cables P. Ltd.   M-1490

(1) LT PVC Cable 4x400mm2, 4x300mm2 (2) XLPE Cable 3.5x400mm2, 3.5x300mm2, 3.5x240mm2, 1x630mm2, 1x150mm2

(2) Armoured Cable 27x2.5mm2, 19x2.5mm2, 14x2.5mm2, 12x2.5mm2

(3) AB XLPE Cable 3x150 + 1 x 150 + 1 x 16mm2, 3x70 + 1x70 + 1x16mm2, 3x95 + 1x70mm2

(4) 11KV XLPE Armoured Cable 3x150mm2

88 Milap Engineering Co. Dabhasa M-1491 11KV DO Fuse/22KV DO Fuse, GI Wire 8 & 10 SWG, Stay Wire 7/12     /23.07.13  
89 Rumika Engineering Co. Samiyala M-1492 11KV DO Fuse, 22KV DO Fuse, 11KV AB Switch, 11KV GI Pin 286230.07.13  
90 Roopa Power Connectors Howrah M-1493 11/22KV GI Pin, 11KV Shackle H/W, GI Nuts & Bolts for LT Shackle, Earthing Nuts & Boltss 2902/01.08.13  
91 Pratik Transformers P. Ltd. Savli M-1495 10KVA to 200KVA CRGO Dist.Trans., 500KVA/22KV CRGO Dist.Trans. 3199/30.08.13 Premise changed from Plot No: 73 - 74 to Plot No: 85 / 92 vide letter 3546 dated 26-11-14
92 JSL Industries Ltd. Mogar M-1496 (1) 200KVA LTDB (2) 500KVA LTDB (With & without ACB) (3) 11KV CTPT of all capacity (rating) 15.10.13  
93 Parana Electrotech Pvt. Ltd. Vadodara M-1497 (1) 100/5Amp. LT CT Ring Type (2) 200/5Amp. LT CT Ring Type 28.11.2013  
94 Sky India Transmission P. Ltd. Howrah M-1498 11KV GI Pin, 22KV GI Pin, Disc H/W for Rabbit 4549/21.12.13  
95 Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd  Vadodara M-1499 (1) 3x95+1x80 11KV ABC (2) 50mm2 11KV XLPE Cable 70,120,150,185,240,95,300 mm2 11KV XLPE Cable (3) 3x70+70 11KV ABC  118/09.01.14  
96 JSL Industries Ltd. Mogar M-1500 22KV CTPT Combined unit all capacity 117/09.01.14  
97 Sree Krishna Electrical Howrah M-1501 11KV/22KV GI Pin, 11KV Disc (sh.)H/W, LT Shackle Bolt, GI Earthing Bolts/Nuts with Washer, M.S. Bolts/Nuts, LT Earthing plate 431/07.02.14  
98 Modern Metal Works Howrah M-1502 GI Nut Bolts for LT Shackle Insulators, LT Shackle H/W, 11KV/22KV GI Pin, 33KV LT Pin, 11KV Shackle H/W 621/26.02.14  
99 Danke Technoelectro Pvt. Ltd. Waghodia M-1503 5KVA/11KV 1-Ph. Dist.Transformer (11KV/250V) 617/26.02.14  
100 Bharat Electro Instrument Mfg. Co. Nadiad M-1504 11KV Polymeric Pin Insu., 11KV Polymeric D.O.Fuse, 11KV G.O. AB Switch Polymeric, 11KV Polymeric Disc. Insulator 702/04.03.14  
101 Bharat Electricals Baroda M-1505 11KV AB Switch 400Amp. (Proc), 11KV DO Fuse (Proce) 662/03.03.14  
102 Action Electric Corporation Baroda M-1506 22KV AB Switch (Proce) 400Amp., 11KV DO Fuse (Proce), 100Amp. Kitkat Fuse, 25,100KVA LTDB 663/03.03.14  
103 Elmex Control Pvt. Ltd. Baroda M-1507 100/5, 200/5, 400/5, 800/5Amp. Ring Type LT CT, 100/5, 200/5, 400/5 Resin cast LT CT, 100/1 Amp. LT CT Rasin 836/20.03.14  
104 Electrical Controls & Systems Baroda M-1508 11KV CTPT (all), LTCT of 400/5,200/5,150/5,100/5 A 1324/6-5-14  
105 Suyog Electricals Ltd. Halol M-1509 VARIOUS SIZE OF CABLES & CONDUCTORS 1369/13-5-14  
106 Ruby Cables Ltd Manjusar M-1510 VARIOUS SIZE OF CABLES & CONDUCTORS 1875/26-6-14  
107 Jindal Steel & Power Jarkhand M-1511 M S ANGLE50x50x6 MM, 65x65x6 MM,Round Bar 16mm 2040/9-7-14  
108 Jindal Steel & Power Chhattisgarh M-1512 MS column UC 150X150X13 mtr long,MS channel ISMC 100X50X6 mm 2041/9-7-14  
109 Itron India Pvt. Ltd. Spain/Noida M-1513 3 Phase Fully Automatic Meter Test Bench 2526/19-8-14  
110 R.S.Industries Anand M-1514 NEOCAB 2Cx2.5sqmm , 2Cx4sqmm , 4Cx4sqmm , 4Cx6Sqmm, 4Cx10Sqmm, 4cx16sqmm PVC Cable 3646/2-12-14  
111 Danke Electricals LTD Howrah M-1515 10KVA (without star rating Distribition Transformer 109/19-1-15