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Location Wise Contact Details

Name Designation Department Contact No
Mr. D. V. Patel Superintending Engineer BARODA CITY CIRCLE 0265-2416270
Mr. N. U. Naik Executive Engineer BARODA CITY CIRCLE 9925208270
Mr. N A Ray Executive Engineer BARODA CITY CIRCLE(HT Cell) 9925208619
Mr S. B. Lachhun Accounts Officer BARODA CITY CIRCLE 8980031314
Mr. S. D. Bhabhor Accounts Officer BARODA CITY CIRCLE 8980031331
Mr. S. P. Sagar Deputy Engineer BARODA CITY CIRCLE 9925208269
Mr. R. B. Thakor Deputy Engineer BARODA CITY CIRCLE(HT Cell) 9925209039
Mr. A. R. Patel Deputy Engineer BARODA CITY CIRCLE(Solar Cell) 9925214736
Mr. B. R. Patel Deputy Engineer(I/C Squad) BARODA CITY CIRCLE 9925208900
Ms. N. R.  Patel Deputy Engineer (Cable Van) BARODA CITY CIRCLE 9925208123
Mr. D. M. Ganava Executive Engineer VISHVAMITRI EAST DIVISION 9925208186
Mr. J. L. Vasava Deputy Engineer VISHVAMITRI EAST DIVISION 9925215564
Mr. V. B. Vadher Deputy Engineer VISHVAMITRI EAST DIVISION 9879200930
Mr. V. N. Parmar Deputy Engineer(Lab) VISHVAMITRI EAST DIVISION 9879202417
Mr S. M. Patel Deputy Engineer DANDIABAZAR CITY S/D 9925208147
Mr. R. B. Amin Deputy Engineer Tower S/D 9925208346
Mr. A R Singh Deputy Engineer Karelibaug S/D 9099907598
Mr. N. R. Patel Deputy Engineer MANDVI CITY S/D 9879202084
Mr. P. M. Patil Deputy Engineer PANIGATE CITY S/D 9909934689
Mr. H.P. Kataria Deputy Engineer INDRAPURI CITY S/D 9925214016
Mr. D R Parmar Deputy Engineer Sardar Estate City& S/D 9978936285
Mr. N N Parmar Deputy Engineer Khodiyarnagar City& S/D 9925208618
Mr. D. P. Modi Executive Engineer VISHVAMITRI WEST DIVISION 9925208895
Ms. P. T. Dias Deputy Engineer VISHVAMITRI WEST DIVISION 9925208257
Ms. B. J Prajapati Deputy Engineer VISHVAMITRI WEST DIVISION 9925208237
Ms. S. K. Bedekar Deputy Engineer(SCADA) VISHVAMITRI WEST DIVISION 9925208614
Ms. V. R. Joshi Deputy Engineer(Hi Tech Lab) VISHVAMITRI WEST DIVISION 9925208202
Mr. M.R.Pavivala Deputy Engineer Alkapuri CITY S/D 9925208283
Mr.M Y Ghadiyali Deputy Engineer Fategunj CITY S/D 9925208116
Ms. Z. M. Saiyad Deputy Engineer Gorva CITY S/D 9879200898
Mr. K G Prajapati Deputy Engineer Gotri CITY S/D 9925208311
Mr. S. M. Patel Deputy Engineer Akota CITY S/D 9925208236
Mr. B R Rana Deputy Engineer Sama O&M S/D 9879200903
Mr. M. G. AMIN Deputy Engineer Vasna O&M S/D 9925208265
Mr. K. M. Chaudhary Deputy Engineer Atladara O&M S/D 9925215066
Mr. K. F. Rathava Deputy Engineer Laxmipura O&M S/D 9925208296
Mr. V V Joshi Executive Engineer LALBAUG DIVISION 9925208620
Mr. S R Diwan Deputy Engineer LALBAUG DIVISION 9925208287
Mr. J. V. Solanki Deputy Engineer LALBAUG DIVISION 9879202081
Mr. B. D. Patel Deputy Engineer(Store) LALBAUG DIVISION 9925215282
Ms. B. B. Patel Deputy Engineer LALBAUG CITY S/D 9879202082
Mr. H. M. Prajapati Deputy Engineer GIDC CITY S/D 9925208170
Mr. P. D. Menat Deputy Engineer TARSALI S/D 9925217391
Ms. B. G. Solanki Deputy Engineer WADI CITY S/D 9925208207
Mr. N. R. Parmar Deputy Engineer BARANPURA CITY S/D 9879200868
Mr. B S Prajapati Deputy Engineer Manjalpur CITY S/D 9925208197
Name Designation Department Contact No
Mr. N. S. Chavda Superintending Engineer Baroda O&M Circle 0265-2355520
Mr. H. V. Shah Executive Engineer Baroda O&M Circle 9925208353
Mr. D. P. Patel Deputy Engineer Baroda O&M Circle 9687663754
Mr. V. R. Shah Deputy Engineer Baroda O&M Circle 9978934297
Mr. M. D. Parmar Deputy Engineer Baroda O&M Circle 9925208292
Ms. B. A. Jhala Deputy Engineer(GEKC) Baroda O&M Circle 9925208896
Mr. K. C. ChaudhriPatel Accounts Officer(Exp.) Baroda O&M Circle 8980031471
Mr. S. B. Lachhun Accounts Officer(Rev.) Baroda O&M Circle 8980031314
Mr. H. J. Shah Executive Engineer Baroda O&M Division 9925208256
Mr M N Prajapati Deputy Engineer Baroda O&M Division 9925209038
Mr. S. M. Patel Deputy Engineer Baroda O&M Division 9925208215
Mr. C. V. Bhatt Deputy Engineer(lab.) Baroda O&M Division 9925208891
Mr. H. B. Dixit Deputy Engineer(Civil) Baroda O&M Division 9099502654
Mr. M. C. Pargi Deputy Engineer Chhani O&M S/D 9925208161
Mr. K. S. Patel Deputy Engineer Savli O&M S/D 9925208260
Mr. R. K. Rathwa Deputy Engineer Desar O&M S/D 9925218306
Mr. V. M. Chauhan Deputy Engineer Koyli O&M S/D 9925208429
Mr. A. R. Jangid Deputy Engineer Waghodia S/D  9925208340
Mr. C. N. Vekariya Deputy Engineer Manjusar S/D  9687633749
Ms. B. S. Shah Deputy Engineer Nandesari S/D  9925208228
Mr. N. M. Khadilkar Deputy Engineer CHHANI STORE 9925208272
Mr. R. M. Patel Executive Engineer Dabhoi O&M Division 9925208447
Mr. S. S. Baria Deputy Engineer(Tech) Dabhoi O&M Division 9909940521
Mr. S. D. Chudasama Deputy Engineer Dabhoi O&M Division 9909940522
Mr. D. K. Rathwa Deputy Engineer Dabhoi(R) O&M S/D 9925208304
Mr. M. H. Shah Deputy Engineer Sinor S/D 9687690106
Mr. H. K. Parmar Deputy Engineer Sankheda O&M S/D 9925208328
Mr. A. I. Vasava Deputy Engineer Dabhoi(T) O&M S/D 9925208307
Mr. D. M. Patel Deputy Engineer Kosindra O&M S/D 9909939897
Mr. H. V. Gajjar Junior Engineer Chandod O&M S/D 7069049509
Mr. T. C. Vyas Executive Engineer Jambuva O&M Division 9925208113
Mr. V. D. Chauhan Deputy Engineer Jambuva O&M Division 9925208212
Mr. S. I. Prajapati Deputy Engineer Jambuva O&M Division 9925211874
Mr. M. R. Dudhvala Deputy Engineer Padra-I O&M S/D 9099907553
M. Y. Pandya Deputy Engineer Karjan-I O&M S/D 9687663087
Mr. J. H. Patel Deputy Engineer Karjan-II O&M S/D 9687656920
Mr. V L Prajapati Deputy Engineer Khatamba O&M S/Dn 7984719856
Mr. D. B. Dixit Deputy Engineer Mobha O&M S/D 9925215246
Mr. H. H. Rathod Deputy Engineer Jambuva O&M S/D 9687663857
Mr. P. B. Patel Deputy Engineer Padra-II S/D 9925208278
Mr. K. R. Shah Executive Engineer Bodeli Division 9879200829
Mr. C. D. Soni Deputy Engineer(Tech) Bodeli Division 9925215106
Mr. Y. K. Joshi Deputy Engineer(Tech) Bodeli RE S/D 9925208232
Mr. D. V. Parmar Deputy Engineer Bodeli S/D 9925208157
Mr. K. V. Jagtap Deputy Engineer Pavijetpur S/D 9913616676
Mr. J. R. Darji Deputy Engineer Chhota Udepur S/D 9925208290
Mr. Y. R. Rana Deputy Engineer Chhota Udepur RE S/D 9925208166
Mr. A. D. Prajapati Deputy Engineer Kwant S/D 9687662080
Mr. D. M Vasiya Deputy Engineer Kwant RE S/D 9327478589
Ms. P. V. Kanthariya Deputy Engineer Naswadi S/D 9909934788
Mr. V. R. Bhuria Deputy Engineer Tejgadh S/D 9925208174
Name Designation Department Contact No
Mr. M. D. Rathava Superintending Engineer Anand O&M Circle 02692-247366
Mr. M. D. Dalwadi Executive Engineer Anand O&M Circle 9925208448
Mr Amit Sharma Deputy Engineer Anand O&M Circle 9925208358
Mr. B M. Dalwadi Deputy Engineer Anand O&M Circle 9925208343
Mr. A. S. Chaudhari Deputy Engineer(I/C) Anand O&M Circle 9925208341
Mr. K C Patel Deputy Engineer(Civil) Anand O&M Circle 9726534007
Mr. D N Rathva Accounts Officer Anand O&M Circle 8980031297
Mr. L. P. Kothari Executive Engineer Anand City Division 9925208403
Mr. P P Pancholi Deputy Engineer Anand City Division 9925208413
Mr. K S Vankar Deputy Engineer Vidyanagar O&M S/D 9978934678
Mr. A. A. Qureshi Deputy Engineer Shashtri Sub Division 9925208148
Mr. P. G. Katudia Deputy Engineer Sardar Sub Division 7573953361
Mr. J. B. Dani Executive Engineer Anand O&M Division 9925208112
Mr. T J Shah Deputy Engineer Anand O&M Division 9925208436
Mr. H. A. Pandya Deputy Engineer Anand O&M Division 9925208213
Mr. C. V. PATEL Deputy Engineer Anand(North) O&M S/D 9925208198
Mr. R. S. Tiwari Deputy Engineer Anand(South) O&M S/D 9978934358
Mr. A N Patel Deputy Engineer Umreth(R) O&M S/D 9879202083
A.G.Sodhaparmar Deputy Engineer Bhalej S/D 9909934795
Mr. S D Patel Deputy Engineer Karamsad S/D 9925208348
Mr. G H Solanki Executive Engineer BORSAD O&M DIVISION  9925208145
Mr. J. N. Gajjar Deputy Engineer BORSAD O&M DIVISION  9925218770
Mr. R. F. Mecwan Deputy Engineer BORSAD O&M DIVISION  9925215434
Mr. K G Garasia Deputy Engineer Vasad S/D  9925208367
Mr. M U Solanki Deputy Engineer Borsad (R) S/D  9925208354
S. A. Rana Deputy Engineer Anklav S/D  9099958752
Mr. SAMIR MIRANMIYA MALEK Deputy Engineer Borsad (T) S/D  9925208355
Mr. S.B. Mistri Deputy Engineer Ras S/D  9925208331
Mr N. R. Patel Deputy Engineer Asodar S/D  9925215149
Mr. H. R. Patel Executive Engineer Petlad O&M Division 9925208351
Mr. D. J. Patel Deputy Engineer Petlad O&M Division 9687662381
Mr. D. M. Upadhyay Deputy Engineer Petlad O&M Division 9978934276
Mr. K. B. Prajapati Deputy Engineer Petlad(T) O&M S/D 9925211871
Mr. J. S. PARMAR Deputy Engineer Petlad(R)  S/D 9925208251
Mr. A. C. Makwana Deputy Engineer Undel O&M S/D 9879615954
Mr. J. H. Patel Deputy Engineer Cambay(R) O&M S/D 9687656920
Ms. S. J. Patel Deputy Engineer Sojitra O&M S/D 9925208391
Ms. R. P. Jhaveri Executive Engineer Cambay(T) O&M S/D 9925208216
Mr. H. A.  Panchal Deputy Engineer Tarapur S/D 9925215195
Mr. A C. Makvana Deputy Engineer Undel S/D 9879615954
Name Designation Department Contact No
Mr. H. R. Shah Superintending Engineer Godhra O&M Circle 02672-262205
Mr. C. P. Baria Executive Engineer(RE) Godhra O&M Circle 9925208142
Mr. G. B. Patelia Executive Engineer(Tech) Godhra O&M Circle 9925208169
Mr. A. B. Parmar Accounts Officer Godhra O&M Circle 8980031334
Mr. A N. Patel Deputy Engineer Godhra O&M Circle 9925213931
Mr. R. V. Katara Deputy Engineer Godhra O&M Circle 9925208297
Mr. H. G. Raval Deputy Engineer Godhra O&M Circle 9687663769
Mr. M. R. Baraiya Deputy Engineer(I/C Squad) Godhra O&M Circle 9925208452
Mr H. R. Jain Deputy Engineer(Civil) Godhra O&M Circle 9586980281
Mr. S. S. Gandhi Executive Engineer Godhra O&M Division 9925208114
Mr. K. I. Dalwadi Deputy Engineer Godhra O&M Division 9925208624
Mr. G. J. Sevak Deputy Engineer Godhra O&M Division 9687634816
Mr. H. B. Rafaliya Deputy Engineer(RSO) Godhra O&Mamp;M Division 9727796537
Mr. R. V. Patel Deputy Engineer Godhra(T) East O&M S/D 9925217256
Mr. S. M. Surati Deputy Engineer Godhra(T) West O&M S/D 9925213968
N. M. Valand Deputy Engineer Godhra(R) O&M S/D 9687663840
Mr. A. V. Patel Deputy Engineer Kakanpur S/D 9727796534
Mrs. D. A. Patel Deputy Engineer Morva(Hadaf) S/D 9978934767
Mr. V. J. Gosai Deputy Engineer Santroad O&M S/D 7567580092
Mr. C. M. Singh Deputy Engineer Shahera-I O&M S/D 7874073984
Mr. S. C. Tandel Deputy Engineer Shahera II S/Dn. 9925214894
Mr. P. N. Thanawala Executive Engineer Dahod O&M Division 9925208146
Mr. V. N. Ganava Deputy Engineer Dahod O&M Division 9925215182
Mr. G. M. Bhuria Deputy Engineer Dahod O&M Division 9925213930
Mr. R. M. Bhabhor Deputy Engineer Zalod RE Subdivision 9925208164
Mr. A. K. Waghela Deputy Engineer Dahod(T) O&M S/D 9925208155
Mr. M. M. Chaudhary Deputy Engineer Dahod Rural-I S/D 9925208184
Mr M. I. Nayak Deputy Engineer Dahod Rural-II S/D 9925208125
Mr. S.L. Parmar Deputy Engineer Garbada S/D 9925215578
Mr. M. D. Vasaiya Deputy Engineer Zalod S/D 9925208122
Mr. R. R. Singh Deputy Engineer Fatehpura S/D: Technical 9978936286
Mr. P. J. Patel Deputy Engineer Limkheda O&M S/D 9978924239
Mr. R. S. Khandelwal Deputy Engineer Limdi S/D 9978934528
Mr. A. R. Christian Deputy Engineer Dhanpur S/D 9925215570
Mr. Y. M. Kholiya Deputy Engineer Devgadhbaria S/D 9925215183
Mr. N. D. Pradhan Executive Engineer Halol O&M Division 9925208615
Ms. S. S. Raha Deputy Engineer(Lab) Halol O&M Division 9925215119
Ms. K. D. Varshney Deputy Engineer Halol O&M Division 9925208214
Mr. S. J. Karotra Deputy Engineer Halol O&M Division 9925213928
Mr. P. M. Patel Deputy Engineer Halol(T) O&M S/D 8980042058
Mr. J. B. Pathak Deputy Engineer Halol(R) O&M S/D 9925218135
Mr. S. D. Solanki Deputy Engineer Ghoghamba O&M S/D 8980038341
Mr. R. B. Maliwad Deputy Engineer Kalol O&M S/D 9925208106
Mr. H. H. Pithva Deputy Engineer Jambughoda O&M S/D 9925208295
Mr. K. J. Sangada Deputy Engineer Vejalpur S/D 9925208119
Mr. A. A. Ghanchi Executive Engineer Lunawada O&M Division 9925213276
Mr. S. A. Kadia Deputy Engineer Lunawada O&M Division 9925208388
Mr. V J Makwana Deputy Engineer Lunawada O&M Division 9925208152
Mr. M. M. Padhiar Deputy Engineer Lunawada RE-I O&M S/D 9925208437
Mr. V. M. Solanki Deputy Engineer Lunawada RE-II O&M S/D 9925218209
Mr. K. N. Kamol Deputy Engineer Lunawada-I O&M S/D 9909934788
Mr. G. V. Bamaniya Deputy Engineer Lunawada-II O&M S/D 9925208120
Mr. H. U. Kalal Deputy Engineer Santrampur-I S/D 9925208136
Mr. M. D. Raval Deputy Engineer Santrampur-II S/D 9978934891
Mr. B. K. Patel Deputy Engineer Virpur S/D: Technical 9925037670
Mr. N. K. Garaval Deputy Engineer Kadana S/D: Technical 9925208383
Mr. R. K. Gohil Deputy Engineer Bakor S/D 9879611873
Mr. P. A. Kadam Deputy Engineer Kothamba S/D 9978934305
Name Designation Department Contact No
Mr. P C Patel Superintending Engineer NADIAD O&M CIRCLE 0268-2562204
Ms. A. P. Sheth Executive Engineer(Tech) NADIAD O&M CIRCLE 9925208230
Mr. C. F. Ganaswa Account Officer(Exp.) NADIAD O&M CIRCLE 8980031308
Mr. S. N. Shaikh Account Officer(Revenue) NADIAD O&M CIRCLE 7990432645
Mr. S. M. Mania Deputy Engineer(Tech) NADIAD O&M CIRCLE 9925208408
Mr J. A. Pandor Deputy Engineer(Tech) Nadiad O&M CIRCLE 9925208408
Mr. A. K. Prajapati Deputy Engineer(Civil) NADIAD O&M CIRCLE 9016069585
Mr. A. P. Parmar Deputy Engineer(I/C) Nadiad O&M CIRCLE 9925218615
Ms. H. I. Vohra Deputy Engineer(RSO) Nadiad O&M CIRCLE 9925208337
Mr. K. M. Shah Executive Engineer NADIAD City DIVISION  9879200740
Mr. P. R. Shah Deputy Engineer(Tech.) NADIAD City DIVISION  9925208406
Mr. V. N. Mitalia Deputy Engineer NADIAD City DIVISION  9909934798
Ms. M. K Bhoi Deputy Engineer Nadiad East S/D  9909934787
Mr. B. K. Parekh Deputy Engineer Nadiad West S/D  9925208430
Mr. R. R. Darji Deputy Engineer Vaso S/D  9925208424
Mr. S. B. Patel Deputy Engineer Chaklasi S/D  9879202419
Mr. J. S. Bhagwati Deputy Engineer Nadiad(R) O&M S/D  9925211870
Mr S.C.Taviyad Executive Engineer NADIAD O&M Division 9925208117
Ms. K. V. Panchal Deputy Engineer NADIAD O&M Division 9925208401
Mr. H. L. Bhalsod Deputy Engineer NADIAD O&M Division 9925208377
Mr. V. K. Kshatriya Deputy Engineer Thasra S/D  9925215509
Mr. N. D. Talpada Deputy Engineer Dakor S/D  9879200846
Mr. J M Nalvaya Deputy Engineer Galteshwar S/Dn  9925213927
Mr. R. B. Vankar Deputy Engineer Mahudha S/D  9925218714
Mr. M.D. Solanki Deputy Engineer Balasinor S/D  9925208373
Mr. H.P. Pardarsani Deputy Engineer Balasinor-II S/D  9925215452
Mr. B. A. Gohil Executive Engineer MEHMDABAD O&M DIVISION 9925208258
Mr. H. A. Patel Deputy Engineer MEHMDABAD O&M DIVISION 9978934679
Mr. C. L. Patel Deputy Engineer Mehmdabad O&M DIVISION 9265352144
Mr. N. B. Dhanaliya Deputy Engineer Mehmadabad(Rural) S/D  9925208380
Mr. G J. Kapadiya Deputy Engineer Kheda S/D  9925213313
Mr. R. G. Sharma Deputy Engineer Limbasi S/D 9925208453
Mr. R. M. Patel Deputy Engineer Kapadwanj (T) S/D  9925208447
Mr. G S. Patel Deputy Engineer Kapadwanj (EAST) S/D  9925208445
Mr. C. G. Patel Deputy Engineer Kapadwanj (WEST) S/D  9925208133
Mr. J. M. Brahmbhatt Deputy Engineer Kathlal-I S/D  9925211873
Mr. Y. K. Makwana Deputy Engineer Kathlal-II S/D 9925215447
Mr. J. I. Gadhvi Deputy Engineer Haldarwas S/D  9925208404
Name Designation Department Contact No
Mr. Tejas  Parmar (IAS) Managing Director Corporate Office 0265-2356824
Mr. M. T. Sangada Chief Engineer (T&O) Corporate Office  0265-2327481
Mr. K. B. Dhebar Chief Engineer (Proj.) Corporate Office 0265-2330350
Mr. J. H. Modi General Manager(F&A) Corporate Office 0265-2327385
Mr. S V Rathva I/C General Manager(HR) Corporate Office 0265-2326614
Mr. R G Nagariya Additional Chief Engineer(Proc) Corporate Office 0265-2350783
Mr. N. A. Shah I/C Additional Chief Engineer(RA & C) Corporate Office
Mr. S. S. TAVIYAD Additional Chief Engineer(SD & P) Corporate Office 0265-2330923
Mr. V. N. Rathwa Additional Chief Engineer(Vig.) Corporate Office 9925208286
Mr. Sourav Nandy Chief Finance Manager (F&A) Corporate Office 0265-2327385
Mr. H. I. Patel I/C Additional General Manager(HR) Corporate Office 0265-2326614
Mr. H. M. Patel Controller of Accounts Corporate Office 0265-2330923
Mr. S. L. Varma Superintending Engineer Corporate Office 0265-2327481
Mr. B. J. Desai Superintending Engineer Corporate Office 0265-2310582
Mr. R. G. Shah Superintending Engineer Corporate Office 9925208246
Ms. U. V. Parmar Superintending Engineer Corporate Office 9925208194
Mr.  M. M Muley Deputy General Manager(HR&A) Corporate Office 0265-2326614
Mr. A. H. Parmar Deputy General Manager(IT) Corporate Office 0265-2330923
Mr. V. M. Chavan Company Secretary Corporate Office 0265-2353087
Mr.  R. C Rathva Deputy General Manager(HR) Corporate Office 0265-2326614
Mr. J. P. Chudasama Executive Engineer Corporate Office 9925208390
Mr. K. M. Soni Executive Engineer Corporate Office 9925208451
Mr. H. A. Gandhi Executive Engineer Corporate Office 9925208221
Ms. A. K. Dani Executive Engineer Corporate Office 9925208222
Mr. J. R. SHAH Executive Engineer Corporate Office 9925208244
Mr. S. K. Vasava Executive Engineer(ALDC) ALDC 9925208325
Mr. S.R. Damor Deputy Chief Account Officer (Cash & Accounts) Corporate Office 8980031067
Mr. N.R. Patel Deputy Chief Account Officer (Bills & Audit) Corporate Office 8980031900
Mr. Neeraj Jangid Deputy Chief Account Officer (Revenue & Tax) Corporate Office 9687663809
Ms. B. S. Shah Deputy Engineer ALDC 9925208228
Mr. D. C. Makwana Deputy Engineer ALDC 9925208289
Mr. P R Parmar Deputy Engineer ALDC 9925208172
Mr. P N SHAH Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208108
Mr. K. M. Shah Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208443
Ms. R. P. Jhaveri Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208216
Mr. Y. K. Joshi Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208232
Mr. K R Shah Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9879200829
Mr. D N Yadav Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208162
Mr. A A Ganchi Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925213276
Mr. V.R.Parekh Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925213174
Mr. N.K.Makwana Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208416
Mr. R B Sheth Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925215494
Mr. P D Vyas Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925214780
Mr. V J Trivedi Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925209516
Mr. K. A. Kulkarni Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208357
Mr. V N Patel Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925213932
Mr. H M Prajapati Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208170
Mr. U A Solanki Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208443
Mr. N. T. Patel Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 8980031900
Mr. H J Shah Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208256
Mr. V D Chauhan Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208212
Mr. P R Patel Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208273
Mr. M S Chaudhari Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208268
Mr. N. T. Patel Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925214785
Mr. D. A. Oza Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208208
Mr. J. R. Baria Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208324
Mr. D. R. Kharva Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 9925208157
Mr. A. R. Patel Deputy Engineer Corporate Office 02634-245097