The concept of Ring distribution was introduced to get the uninterrupted power supply even in the event of faults in the Ring feeders. The Ring main unit shall comprise of 2 nos. Fault make load break isolators and 1 no. switch fuse unit/circuit breaker. The isolators are connected in the ring while the SFU/breaker is utilized to protect the HT side of the transformer. The first step was to go for OIL based RMUs since the initial cost of the RMU could be fitted well within the budgets. The RMUs were installed and commissioned for important HT consumers and the concept of RING distribution was validated. This proved to be a major success in the city and consumers were very satisfied on the overall power situation. This was how the concept of RING MAIN DISTRIBUTION was first time established in the city. The power demand was growing and the no. of consumers were also growing with the time. This growth became exponential within last one year and the electrical network also became complex due to increased connections, size of the load transformers, fault level etc. Within the fixed geographical size MGVCL needed to cater to the increased demand with better efficiency. The right solution was to go with the time and bring in the latest technology in the system. The conventional overhead D.P. Structure System & Oil/VCB Brothers are load by new oil/SF6 RMUs. The performance is assessed and the results are very encouraging. Some of the major advantages achieved were:

  • Space saving. Atleast 50% of the total space is reduced. The same is being converted into office area, customer care center, billing section etc.

  • Minimum maintenance in Oil RMUs & no maintenance in SF6 RMUs and therefore effective utilization of staff.

  • The protection is with circuit breaker alongwith a self-powered relay. This combination gives the most reliable protection for transformers as well as feeders

  • Minimum inventory in Oil & no inventory or maintenance of spares in SF6 RMUs is required since the unit itself is fully maintenance free for its life.

  • Faster restoration of supply in the event of faults.

  • Safe and easy to operate. No personnel hazards

  • Better aesthetic values given to substation leading to healthy and improved working environment.

  • RMUs are already ready for SCADA/ automation to be done in near future.

This was a major breakthrough achieved by MGVCL and have now found the right product for the right application. MGVCL has taken these steps of modernization in the direction towards customer satisfaction and excellence. The thinking process and work is being extended further to look into the possibilities of underground network across he city with usage of Ring main technology.

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